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Next Attempt: A Book Trailer

Ann Charles sent me this very cool article, which I’ll soon have a link for (I hope), on marketing. Apparently, right brained thinking is the future. Mass marketing and production, or quantity focus, is waning in favor of small, individualized, meaningful audience connection, or quality focused. I can see this in publishing, the growing popularity of epublishing and the latest self-publishing trend, not to be confused with Vanity presses. Authors are building an audience as they build their careers and before publication. They focus on connecting with readers more fully.

It isn’t just authors. You can see it in any retail branch. Rather than creating a product for mass appeal and throwing it at everyone, creators are building their product and the platform by which to sell and distribute it. This creates an individualized purchasing experience.

This project is in this same spirit. I’m hoping to not simply show authors and readers the baby steps I take in building name recognition, but also apply the feedback I get on each step. The book covers I created last week, for example. I got a few great tips through emails and applied them. The result is an improved finished product. I’m into this do-it-yourself attitude!

Next task? Create my own book trailer. The test? To see if it’s worth paying someone else to do it. I enjoyed the cover art. I applied it to my Dorchester Next Best Celler Contest entries, Realm and PlayFling, and got some new votes. I’ll need covers for Kindle,,, etc. So, now, a Book Trailer. The idea made my scalp hurt until I found a cool blog detailing the steps. I’ll post my results and take more feedback, modify, present again.

Stay tuned….



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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