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A Letter From Charles

Dear Amber,

Loathe to admit it as I am, I must applaud you. Inspired by your new Evan Marshall Plan for Novel Writing software, you’ve made a clear and sound editing choice in PlayFling this week by removing the break-in scene. The story develops far more smoothly now and your reader will better bond with the heroine, Brooke Munkle. I hesitate to point out how often I whispered this very suggestion in your ear all these many, many months because I do not wish to demotivate you. And you are certainly showing motivation! Three chapters edited, one cut, in a matter of days? Impressive. Particularly after so many (I won’t reveal the embarrassing number) weeks of flat out avoiding PlayFling in it’s entirety. Yes, you were attending to a work in progress, two little ones and absorbing much needed lessons taught by Mr. Robert W. Walker in Dead On Writing. Still. I’d nearly concluded you were ready to abandon PlayFling as well as this entire “project”.

Good show.

Neatly shaved legs and Pompeii Passion painted toenails as well? Now, if I can simply convince you to buy those lovely boots at

Your Humble Servant,



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

3 responses »

  1. I’m with Charles – get the boots!

  2. Well, I’m glad Charles is behaving himself somewhat.

  3. Yay, Amber. And good for Charles to be so nice about this. I’d like to see the new beginning sometime…

    Ann C.


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