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Interview: J.A. Saare

I’d like to welcome J.A. Saare today. You’re really going to dig her! AKissBeforeDyingCover

AS: I adore your titles. They are evocative and give a clear premise for your readers. What is your process in creating your titles and premises?

JS: First, thank you for having me here, Amber.  I really appreciate the opportunity to visit and share on your blog!  And for everyone that doesn’t know me, I do go by the moniker J.A. Saare, but just call me Jaime. *smile*

All of my titles, oddly enough, come from lines in my stories or the actual theme itself.   I’ve always loved reading stories that do that.  When you find that line and tie it together, there is just something about it.  It gives me the tingles.  As for the premises…Okay, it’s time to confess.  I’m a pantser.  That’s not to say I won’t have a general idea of what I want.  For example, I’ll have a basic outline in my head of who the characters are, the conflict they face, and maybe I’ll even have a hazy resolution, but that’s it.  I usually start out by listening to music and allowing scenes to play in my mind.  When a character shows up in a seedy bar, or a beautiful chamber, I’ll sit down at the PC and roll with it.

AS: You are a self proclaimed toe nail polish freak. My personal favorite toe nail polish color is O.P.I.’s  “I’m not really a waitress” Red. What are yours and why?

JS: Oh, Amber.  You are speaking my language!!!  And you’ve picked an awesome shade.  I love that one!  My favorite polish ever is the retired 90’s OPI “Vampire State Building”.  If the title alone doesn’t give the reason away, the color will! It’s a luscious blood red crème that is oh so beautiful.   I’ve still got a bottle horded in my OPI case, but I know it won’t last forever.  Good thing we have alternatives!  You can find a dupe if you check out Essie’s “Wicked”.  Just make sure you get the crème and not the metallic. Or you can snag a bottle of Lippmann’s “Just Walk Away Renee”.  I’m a crème-ho.  What can I say?

AS: I create soundtracks for my books, too. Yours reveal a lot about the tone and genre of your work. How do you go about compiling each list? How often do you listen to them while writing?LickofFrostCover2X550

JS: I always listen to music, always.  Be it on my ipod that remains latched on my shirt or the actual stereo attached to the PC. There are over four-thousand songs on my i-tunes that play at random.  When I’m writing something dark or gritty (like urban fantasy) I’ll usually play the song or artist that inspired it.  For example, when I was writing Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between, there is a very important scene and the protagonist is rushing around the house looking for her gun.  Feindflug came on (an amazing German industrial band) and it fit so well I immediately placed it on loop and didn’t take it off until the scene was done.

Other times, if I’m writing something sensual, I’ll intentionally put on M83, E.S. Posthumus, or toss on a musical score.   When the story is done, I’ll reflect on the music that struck me most during the process and create a list.  Most of my erotica doesn’t have playlists because I’m fairly generic and listen to soft music that suits the mood.  But I did listen to 30 Seconds to Mars “From Yesterday” a ton while writing Soft as Moonlight.  It came on when I started writing, and I placed it on loop.  I must have listened to it over a dozen times or more.  So maybe that could be the theme song for that story? *laughs*

AS: Juggling my two little ones and writing is my hardest task but both seem to benefit from the other. As a stay home mom of four, what tricks can you share on carving out time to write?

JS: I usually start my morning out on the laptop after the oldest are off to school and the youngest are eating breakfast.  I’ll check my email, and map out the day for promos and blogs.  When time permits, I do what I need to.  The writing itself doesn’t usually start until bedtime.  Writing, for me, requires absolute concentration.  If I get interrupted, I get as a cranky as a certain mean, green, super hero.

Thankfully, my children are wonderful about it, and understand those rare times I get into the groove during the day.  My oldest daughter has visited my office (aka The Cave, as my husband refers to it) before to ask, “What are you writing about this time, Mom?  I hope it’s not about werewolves.  Write about mermaids.  They’re pretty.”  *Grins*

The one piece of advice I would give about time management is one I’ll be blogging about soon–avoiding places like Twitter and FB when you need to work.  I know it’s hard, but it’s like Tetris.  One tweet or “what are you doing” will quickly become another and another.

AS: What piece of advice do you wish you were given when you were starting out, that you might offer aspiring writers out there?

JS: I’m an absolute hypocrite for saying this, but I would say to believe in yourself.  When the time comes for those dreaded submissions, and you feel as if you’re bearing your heart and soul, have faith that your work is good, that there are people that will enjoy it, and that you will continue to evolve and get better as the journey progresses.  Stories for both readers and writers, is truly subjective.  If you get rejected, take it in stride, and move on.

AS: Who is your writing hero?MoonnKissedBookCoverSmall

JS: I only recently discovered her work, but I would tear off my right arm for the chance to delve into the mind of Joey W. Hill.  She’s an artisan, a goddess of the written word.  I’ve always prided myself on being very open minded, even if the source material makes me uncomfortable.  Joey challenges me with each and every book she creates, and more than that, she leaves a permanent mark on my soul.  If impressions following a story leave behind invisible tattoo’s, I have one for each of her works.  She’s that good.

AS: Thanks so much, Jaime! You are one fun chick to have over. Readers, please be sure to leave a comment or question by clicking “comment” at the end of this post!

Visit Jaime at her blog –

Her website –

Joey W. Hill’s website (if interested)

And a picture (it’s my hands, so totally okay to post!) of Just Walk Away Renee by Lippman

Click any cover for a buy link to each book by  J.A. Saare!! Or go to Amira Press directly.


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  1. Hey Amber!!

    Thanks for having me on your blog! I had a blast answering your questions. They are so unique and fun.

    I hope you have tons of sales and that the project hits the ground running. Truth be told, there is amazing work all around us. Take that bull by the horns and go with it! =)


  2. You create soundtracks for your books? Does it just help in the writing process or do you publish them somewhere??

    • Hello Heather,

      Unfortunately, I can only create playlists to share. You can go to: to see the ones I have for Crimson Moon and Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (a paranormal romance and urban fantasy contracted but without releases dates).

      Music is essential to me. But again, only with my urban fantasy, first person narratives. The erotica is usually a combination of musical scores.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  3. Hey Jaime and Amber!

    Jaime, we are so much alike. Music is like breathing to me. I can’t write – or somethmes, even think, LOL – without it. I love 30 Seconds to Mars. “The Kill” is on my UF playlist. I’ll have to check out the song you mentioned. Have you ever tried Rhapsody music service? It’s a music lover’s dream, except you don’t get to keep the music. But for someone like me who needs a constant infusion of new stuff, it’s a godsend.

    Much success to you, Jaime! I’m so excited about all your current and upcoming releases! 🙂

    • Hey Cari!

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m laughing here at your description of music. I’m the same way. I haven’t tried Rhapsody but I will now! I usually just leave the itunes on but anything that offers more options sounds good to me!

      You’re turn is coming. I can’t wait until I’m CG’ing you on your release!


    • amberscottproject

      Cari, I love “The Kill”, too! I have it on my Realm (WIP) soundtrack. Have you heard “Percussion Gun” by White Rabbits?


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