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Don’t Wait

Warning: the waters are about to get a little deep.

This isn’t the first time I learned this lesson. My father died when I was thirteen and I recall, vividly, deciding to always let those I love, know that I do, that I am grateful for them in my life.

Today I learned again, don’t wait.

This May I purchased and read Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder. I loved it. It had a profound effect on my writing. Mr. Snyder didn’t simply impart amazing writing tips and lessons, he became my hero. His voice is so friendly, so clear, you can’t help but feel you know him. In his book, he gives out his email address, welcoming thoughts on his work, even challenges to some of his claims. Immediately after coming down from the creative high reading his book inspired in me, I began an email. Two words in, I stopped, intimidated. What could I possibly say to convey my gratitude, my joy over his work? Without sounding like a gushing geek with serious stalker potential, that is.

I waited. I decided, send it I would, once I was able to form coherent, intelligent thought. Today, after learning my “Red Carpet Writing” workshop proposal is under serious consideration, I went to write that email. His books (I’ve read the sequal by now as well) drove me to offer this workshop idea. I thought I should thank him and let him know.

I learned from his blog that he passed away this August 4th, 2009.

I wish so much I had just gushed and hit send and let the orders of protection land as they might. I wish I had discovered his wonderful books earlier, had had a chance at meeting him, at taking one of his workshops.

My thoughts are with his friends and family. I can only imagine how they must feel considering its effect on me, a stranger. A fan.

So, don’t wait. Not simply to tell someone you care. Don’t wait to chase your dreams and take that scary step into the unknown. Stop worrying about what people will think. Life is a one day pass into an incredible amusement park. Don’t watch, worried about the lines, about embarrassing yourself. Get on the ride.



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hi there,Amber!
    I’ve alerted the masses that my interview goes up today so hopefully we’ll get some good traffic. I read your blog post and felt that pang of “oh, no!” when you didn’t get to send your message to the author. As you’ve said, his family will certainly appreciate the sentiment now…
    I had the opportunity to tell a boss/editor how much he had influenced me and how much I’d appreciated him when he was leaving the company many years ago at my first job. A month later, his new employees contacted us to let us know that he’d passed away in his sleep. I’m so glad I had that going-away party opportunity to tell him that he was a fantastic mentor and a wonderful person…but would I have ever said those things to him otherwise? I think you have a great blog article here.
    Sandy Lender
    “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”


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