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Interview: C.L. Talmadge

Today, I welcome C.L. Talmadge, author of Outcast, the fourth novel in her Green Stone of Healing Series.Book Four_Outcast

The series features four generations of strong-willed female characters who inherit a mysterious green gem ultimately revealed to mend broken bones and broken hearts, protect against missiles, and render its wearers undetectable.

1. In 1998, you awoke one morning ready, able to write your first novel, The Vision. I’m curious, what was it about that morning that put the pieces of the enigma in place?

I have no idea, which bugs me because I always want to know the why/how of my life experiences. The pieces just fell into place after decades of struggle and I awoke with the knowledge that I needed — at long last! I do know that morning of July 25, 1998, was many, many years in the making. More like many lifetimes in the making. I also know that in order to write this series, I had to solve the enigma of my own emotional and spiritual wounds.

2.     You delved into your past lives as part of your journey in writing this book. I find this fascinating. Can you elaborate on how you did, what you learned?

I did not set out to explore past lives. They came up as a result of finding and experiencing an alternative method of addressing the wounds in my heart and spirit. It is called Sunan therapy, and it works in the energy of the subconscious and unconscious mind. All of us possess past-life memories, but we have trouble accessing them consciously because the energy field of our self-awareness is fragmented by self-judgment. Once we start removing self-judgments from our awareness, past-life recollections start to surface on their own. I never undertook a Sunan therapy session that dealt directly with my life as first-generation heroine Helen Andros until after those past-life memories of being this woman returned to my conscious mind. These deeply buried memories surfaced only because I had achieved a great deal of healing and growing by exploring and resolving other past lives and issues in this life, too.

3. You have also written a non-fiction book on spirituality. What is the Sunan method?Book Three_The Scorpions Strkie

It is an alternate approach to healing that works in the energy field of human consciousness. It is extremely powerful and far more rapid than other energy therapies, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, or Healing Touch. Sunan therapy achieves more than simply getting emotional and spiritual energies moving or temporarily unblocked. It permanently unblocks them by helping people release from their consciousness that which blocks and thus wounds it: self-judgment. Once self-judgment is gone, the energies are freed, at least around that event or issue that was the focus of the therapy session. All of us have many lifetimes of self-judgments locked in the emotional, or magnetic, parts of our energy fields. The manifested reflections of these self-judgments include physical disease and environmental pollution, among many others.

4. How does your work as a political columnist play into your fiction writing?

I would turn that around and say my work as an author plays into my political writing. I regard the politics of the outer world as simply the physical manifestation of inner politics. Just as we have denied and denigrated parts of our being (the emotional/physical, or feminine) in favor of other parts (the mental/spiritual, or masculine), there are groups of people who lack political power, too. As within, so without. I write most of my columns with that in the back of my mind and it affects my approach to many issues. I am not a predictable liberal. I disagree with the prevailing left view on many topics, such as the environment and religion. I must be one of the few liberal columnists who is comfortable talking about God and spirituality in its broadest, most inclusive sense.

5. Aside from the obvious, what would you say the Green Stone of Healing that links your seriesBook Two_Falloutrepresents, for your characters as well as for yourself?

The stone with its unique chain forms a tool for focusing and magnifying emotional and spiritual energies. These focused energies can be used for healing and protection, or other purposes, too. Even when Helen did not fully understand how the stone could help her, she found comfort in wearing it. The gem is a symbol of healing and hope for my characters and for me. I would love to find a gem with similar properties to use again for healing.

6. On your journey with this series, aside from finally birthing your story that morning, what would you say is your most satisfying experience thus far?

Knowing and seeing the very real healing effect that writing this series has had for me and for others, too. Healing self is the greatest gift we can give to others, because we then are able to love them with fewer needs, wants, and string attached to our love and we treat them better because we treat ourselves better. Healing at the emotional and spiritual level also has a positive effect on everyone involved in the process, even those we might have regarded before as enemies or competitors.

7. Considering today’s digital ebook age, what do you foresee the future becoming for authors andBook One_The Visionreaders?

The future of reading is packed with digital potential! Before long, I hope it will be possible for authors to write a story and then transform it into lifelike videos at very low cost. People will still read words on pages, but a video of even just one or two chapters will help whet their appetites for more. And I don’t think physical books will go away entirely. Book lovers now simply have more reading options. That’s a good thing!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful answers, C.L.!  Comments and questions welcome!



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  1. Thanks, Amber, for some of the best questions I have ever been asked by an interviewer.

    Today marks the 9th anniversary of a national tragedy, but from tragedy invariably arises healing. I wish all of you who visit this blog your own unique healing for today, and would love to hear your thougths on healing, too.

  2. Great Interview! 🙂

  3. Great Interview! Am excited to try these interesting books out;-)

  4. This was very thought provoking. Thank you both

  5. Question for the Author:
    When researching or experiencing past lives, did you ever consider the psychological theory that we all share/posses (subconsciously) the past lives of our ancestors via DNA?
    Carl Jung was the pioneer of this idea, which seems to fit into a similar vein as past life experiences. But instead of individual experiences, carried from our own past lives, that we have the collective subconscious of all those who lived before us.

    • Holly:

      From your comment, I think you are saying I may have tapped into the memory of an ancestor rather than actually lived the past life myself.

      That may well be. I cannot prove or disprove my or Jung’s interpretations one way or the other.

      But if I did tap into an ancestor’s memories, it’s still something to ponder. It means that at one time in unrecalled human past, we had sources of transportation and lighting that did not pollute or make noise (e.g. the light-sticks and skimmers in the story).

      That alone should raise a few eyebrows.

      I believe that DNA is a physical reflection of the energy of consciousness, where past lives are located. So yes, past lives are also stored in DNA because matter and energy are equivalents, according to Einstein.

      Does that helps or just sound absurd?

      • That makes absolute sense. Perhaps Jung was attempting to articulate a similar point with his theory, but because of his current life experience, (psychological theorist) was not necessarily able to connect those dots – of matter and energy being equivalent?
        I think this topic is fascinating and holds lots of possibilities, as well as possible explanations, for these feelings and experiences.
        Thank you for the follow up!

  6. The entire concept of expanding E = MC2 to embrace a metaphysical definition was one of the most thrilling discoveries I have made on my voyage of self-healing and self-growth. Einstein didn’t know it, but when he formulated his famous energy-matter equivalency, he explained how/why we are immortal.


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