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The Marshall Plan

Great news! Thanks to John Foxjohn and his interview with 1st Turning Point, I have an additional writing book to add to my editing arsenal. I say editing rather than revision because my mindset is geared toward a final, finished product.

In my previous process, I submitted my work revised to a point I believed salable but clung to a vague idea that imperfections were expected. These imperfections, in my mind, were ones I could not see as a writer, they were only visible to an editor.

To think like an editor and take full responsibility for my novel’s success, the more I read now, the better I see as well. Bestselling authors break point of view, dialogue, and many other supposed rules that professionals blame for rejecting newcomers’ works. But, viewing these infractions with new eyes, I am beginning to see why say Jude Deveraux gets away with flashbacks mixed with backstory and head-hopping.

The more tools I have, the better I shall see. So, I’m picking up a copy of The Marshall Plan by Evan Marshall post haste. I also found a free download that is very useful on his site.

And on I go.



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hi Amber – Evan Marshall here. I hope you’ve found my book The Marshall Plan® for Novel Writing helpful. I wanted to let you know that my plan is now available in software form. It’s called The Marshall Plan® Novel Writing Software, and I created it with fellow literary agent Martha Jewett. Readers have been asking me for this software for some time, and now it’s available. It completely automates the process that followers of my plan used to have to do by hand.

    At the website mentioned above, there is more information about the program, along with a detailed video demonstration of how it works.

    Thanks again and happy writing!

    All the best,

    Evan Marshall

  2. amberscottproject

    Wow! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting, Evan, as well as for this information. I can’t wait to start the book and am putting the software on my Christmas wish list for sure.

  3. Great info. Thank you, Amber, John, and Evan! The Marshall Plan software is going on my birthday wish list. I can’t wait until Christmas! 🙂


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