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Excuse #32: Out of Oreos

First. Let me come out and admit, I’m a cookie junkie. I eat cookies all day long and try to remember to fit in a normal meal or two. Most any dessert will do if need be but I break out in hives and stutter when I’m out of cookies. I buy them in bulk and yet, because I thrill so much at grocery shopping (excuse #109), I manage to run out.

Today, facing act three and the Snyder Beat “Break Into Three”, I have no Oreos to get me through. My Muse is pacing, her nails bitten to bloody nubs. My Internal Editor is snickering, pouring himself a celebratory scotch.

I need cookies.

And so, I have eaten myself dry and now am procrastinating writing with lots of cookies excuses. Sweet!



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hugs. I’m sending virtual cookies to you. Wish they were real.

    I broke down at work and had a Twix today. I’ve been trying to avoid snacks, but it’s so hard.

  2. If I could eat cookies all day, I’d be in heaven. Oreos–the blond ones, too. Yum!

    Why can’t I be natually thin so I really could eat them all day long with you?


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