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Branding v. Taglines

Today at 1st Turning Point, I read a very enlightening article, Ahoy, the Author Brand is Sinking! by Theresa Meyers. Branding is something every new author worries about. How do I stand out among all these other writers? How can I create an author image that readers will know and trust for a specific experience.

Previously, I thought of branding like Nike’s “Just Do It”. Thanks to the article, I now understand the difference between tagline, i.e. “Just Do It” and the branding, which is the carpe diem philosophy behind the tagline. The commercials embody the philosphy and the tagline wraps it up. So, thank you Theresa Meyers, for your great article.

Right now, my tagline is Fate, Love and Complications. Each of my romance novels has an element of magic, and a sense that love is a fate but we do much to complicate things in our lives. Two of my novels, The Best Revenge and Jessie’s Girl, don’t have a paranormal or magic element, yet the loves of each heroine feel destined.

This also makes me think of what Donald Maass advises in his books. Pick a genre. Stick with it. It takes a good five books in a single genre to build any audience. For some lucky authors, it’s fewer. I haven’t previously  stuck to genre and perhaps that hindered building a readership. But, I have created a theme.  It will be an interesting thing to reflect on years from now. However it turns out, I’ll let you know.



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Theresa’s article made me step back and think about my brand as well. Her further definition of branding is excellent, and I need to think about my brand a bit more, develop it further. Hmmmmm. My books all have humor, dead bodies, romance, strong heroines.

  2. Amber, I thought I understood what branding was, too. Nope. I had tag line and brand all muddled.
    Wendy, who needs to be de-muddled from time to time

  3. Interesting and makes good business sense!


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