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I got to join the crew this morning at Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio for a web radio show! First, let me say I am so grateful to be a member aboard this awesome marketing ship. Ann CharlesĀ and Jacquie Rogers really have something special here. Second, anyone who wants to hear me try not to stutter my way through the show can go to click on the “Crazy Tuesday” link and find the play button toward the bottom. Rowena Cherry offerred us her spot for her show and Lillian Cauldwell made us all feel right at home in her virtual home.

I can’t recall a thing I said, but I feel so official!

After the two hour call, since the kiddos were being lil angels and the mute button hadn’t broken under my finger, I hung around to say thanks to Jacquie. Lillian said something that struck a chord with me. She said she lives her life with no regrets. I think this is the only way you can live if you are chasing a dream.

This month I had a too close call with my baby girl and a pool, I lost an uncle, my husband’s very young and vibrant cousin lost her nine year battle with breast cancer. Every day is pure, awful, wondrous luck. Luck to be breathing. Luck to have two perfect babies to kiss and kiss. Luck that I have married my soulmate and he’ll even rub my feet when I’m tired.

As I get deeper into edits with PlayFling and come to terms with the reality that it still needs deep work, I remember my good luck. I get to live my chilhood dream. I get to do it in an era of computers rather than typewriters, ebooks in addition to print. I get to live in a time of enormous political and social improvement in a free country.

And I get to make a blog about it.

How cool is that?



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Amber, wasn’t that a kick this morning? I was so nervous before the show started that I thought we were having an earthquake, but then I realized I was the only one in my surroundings that was shaking!

    I was so impressed with what you said about your blog/project that I came over to check it out (despite being on the 1st Turning Point crew with you, I neglected to do that before).

    I love what you’re doing.

  2. What an awesome idea. I found your commentary about 70 mins in and you sounded great! Like an old pro!
    The radio show link is great, but the sound quality on replay is poor. I think the host was mic’d wrong, or maybe she didn’t realize she should have muted while the guests were speaking?
    I loved all the commentary, but it was tough to hear over the hosts breathing!

  3. You were amazing! I still smile at hearing your little one say, “Momma” in the midst of it, and yet you kept on rolling. You’re a real pro!

    Ann C.


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