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A blog tour? Hit 50 different blogs in 50 days as part of your book promo. I’m probably pretty late on the uptake here but I’m sharing it anyhow. How exciting! Another ebook marketing idea I can apply to my current releases and to PlayFling once I publish it on and Amazon Kindle.

I heard about this idea thanks to a mention of it in the article,Widgets and Blidgets and Gadgets, Oh my! by Emily Bryan. The article itself is another superb little marketing gem I can apply as well, hopefully even to this very blog. I’ve known about virtual book tours but to be honest, I had no idea where an author would go for their tour. Now, coming out of a small child-rearing hiatus, I’m seeing all the light out there. This may be easier to market than I originally thought. Or, if not easier, more in depth than I first considered my options.

Now, all I need to do is find out how to easily I can create a tour. First, I need to announce a target release date. If I treat PlayFling like it has just been contracted, based on each publisher I’ve been with, a six month ebook release window is doable. So, six months from now is January. I like the idea that it could come out in advance of Valentine’s Day. One of the main characters, Millicent Match, is a doomed cupid who is muddling through a life sentence in matchmaking. She offers a great point of view for both sides of the love coin.

That would mean a Christmas blog tour. Hmmm. Unless the tour is best taken during and after release rather than all prior to. I could start the new year off with a blogging bang. Before I let the butterflies get out of hand though, time to dig, dig, dig.



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  1. 1stturningpoint

    I’d love to hear about your experience with a blog tour. As a parent of young ones, this is much more ideal than trying to do a physical tour. Plus, it seems like a lot of people who prefer to remain comfortably at home yet want to communicate with their favorite authors would like this concept.

    So, who’s going to edit PlayFling? Your CP? I’m curious how that process is going.

    Ann C.

  2. I like the idea of “touring” your book during and after the release. That way you can include reviews, connect the plot or characters to current events (valentines day/celebrity news/etc) or compare/contrast your plot with other current releases.
    Nice use of the phrase “blogging bang”!


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